<vaultcheckin resolveMerge="true"> nant task

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<vaultcheckin resolveMerge="true"> nant task

Post by icnocop » Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:49 pm


I am using SourceGear Vault v4.1.2.18185

I am experiencing unexpected behavior when using the <vaultcheckin> nant task with resolveMerge="true".

Here are the basic steps to reproduce:
1. call <vaultrename> on a specific file
this task has autocommit="true" and so it automatically be committed
2. modify the file locally
calling <vaultlistchangeset> will indicate the file is "modified" in the xml output (the xml output does not indicate a status of "Edited" vs. "Needs Merge")
3. call <vaultcheckin resolveMerge="true"> on that specific file
you will notice that the file will not get checked in

The documentation about resolveMerge indicates: "If true, will resolve the merge status on all files with Needs Merge status before check in."

Maybe there is just a lack of some documentation because it does not mention how it resolves the merge status.

I expected <vaultcheckin> to resolve the merge status just like the GUI where it will indcae the file is "Edited".

It seems that <vaultcheckin> reverts to the last version checked out if the file is indicated as "Needs Merge" and resolveMerge="true".

The current work-around is to call <vaultget> after <vaultrename>.


Re: <vaultcheckin resolveMerge="true"> nant task

Post by shannon » Tue Aug 26, 2008 7:59 am

I think you've stumbled upon a bug, I'm looking into it now. I'll post again in this thread with an update soon.

As for how it resolves the needs merge status, your expectation was correct, it should do exactly what the gui client does when you resolve the needs merge status - just set the status to edited. Sorry if that was unclear, I used the same terminology as the GUI client on purpose to help people make the connection.


Re: <vaultcheckin resolveMerge="true"> nant task

Post by shannon » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:24 am

I've located and fixed the bug. The fix will be included in 4.1.3. If you'd like a pre-release build of the nant tasks with the fix, send me an email at shannon at sourcegear dot com. Sorry for the trouble.

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