Issue after re-installing Fortress64 2.0.4

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Last week we lost our VM server that housed Fortress. After a re-install of Fortress64 2.0.4 and selecting a configurable user to connect to the database, our DBA's are reporting that the server name is attempting to connect to the Vault databases.

Can you assist in pointing me in the right direction to find where this login is occurring? During the install we verified that the configurable user was the one connecting and doing the install and not the server name so I'm not sure where this would be issuing.



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We'd like to see a copy of the Vault Server log and the installation log. The server log is called sgvault.log and is in %windir%\temp\sgvault on the server machine. The install log is called Vault_install.log and is in your user's temp directory on the server machine. Type %temp% in an address bar to find your temp directory.

Send the logs zipped up to support at, Attn: Linda. Please include a link to this forum post.
Linda Bauer
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