Moving from Fortress to Vault Professional

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Moving from Fortress to Vault Professional

Post by Beth » Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:09 am

1) Review the Upgrading Guide. It will have some general information about upgrading our products that is useful.

2) Additional articles you might want to review are the Install Guide and the Visual Studio Binding article.

3) Back up your sgvault, sgmaster, and sgdragnet databases.

4) Uninstall the Fortress server, but choose the option to keep the databases.

5) Install Vault Professional 5.1.2 server. Then go in steps through the major versions as instructed in the Upgrading Guide.

6) Users will uninstall the Fortress client and then install the Vault Professional client.

7) If using integration with other software such as Visual Studio, follow the rebinding instructions found in this article: Binding and Rebinding.

8_) Make sure you make a new database backup of the Vault databases after the upgrade is completed. Depending on what version you are going to, you might have additional databases to backup. For example, in Vault 7.x, you will backup the sgvault, sgmaster, sgdragnet, sgvaultindex, and sgnotify databases.
Beth Kieler
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