Upgrading the Vault Standard CPC (Vault 8 Pre-release)

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Upgrading the Vault Standard CPC (Vault 8 Pre-release)

Post by jclausius » Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:21 pm

Here are the current directions to upgrade your Vault Standard Cross Platform Client (CPC) pre-release client to Vault 8:
  • Download the compressed Vault Standard CPC file from the SourceGear web site. It is recommended to run md5sum -b on the download to check the file.
  • Locate the current Vault Standard CPC installation directory (vault-cpc/).
  • From within that parent directory, rename the current CPC installation (vault-cpc/) to something like vault-cpc.old/
  • Uncompress the downloaded file's contents
  • Move the uncompressed vault-cpc/ into the same directory of the parent directory of the original vault-cpc/
  • Start the Vault Standard CPC client, and check the version information
  • If all is well, you can now delete the vault-cpc.old/ directory
Jeff Clausius