Vault with Java CLC on Unix/Linux

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Vault with Java CLC on Unix/Linux

Post by Beth » Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:24 pm

You can use Vault on Unix or Linux by using the Vault Java CLC.

First install Java on the client machine. Instructions for installing the 32-bit version of Java can be found here: To confirm a successful installation, type "java" in a terminal window and hit enter - you should receive a list of available java commands.

Download the Vault Java CLC:

Extract the Vault Java CLC into a directory on the Unix/Linux client.

Start a command-line terminal and change directories to the location where the Vault Java CLC is installed. Change the permissions on the Vault or VaultPro executable using chmod to allow users to execute that command.

If you are running Vault from inside the directory you placed the Vault Java CLC, then start your command call with ./vault or ./vaultpro. If you are outside the directory, then use the path to the Vault or Vault Pro executable and call vault or vaultpro.

The commands for the Vault Java CLC are the same as the Vault Windows CLC. The commands are posted here: ... nt/clc.htm.

Examples of using the Vault CLC can be found in the Vault KB articles: ... 13&t=15235.
Beth Kieler
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Re: Vault with Java CLC on Unix/Linux

Post by jclausius » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:25 am

Please note, if there are any connectivity issues, please see :
or search through the Knowledge Base and other Vault related forum posts for possible issues.
Jeff Clausius

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