Work Items not grouped correctly by Milestone after sort

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Work Items not grouped correctly by Milestone after sort

Post by tficken2 » Thu May 10, 2018 12:53 pm

This is an odd thing I've noticed. You can apparently get yourself into a scenario where this works properly, but I'm not sure HOW. I CAN seem to consistently break this (in Chrome, MS Edge and Internet Explorer) with a certain set of steps though:

1) Run browser and Vault opens and I am logged in.
2) It defaults to SourceCode Control tab, so I press Item Tracking.
3) I select my project. (We have only one.)
4) My work items appear. Default preference is showing Open items (NOT "My Open") and the Fixed tab appears by default.

5) I have two Milestones showing up under Fixed. The "None" milestone has 6 items. The "6.8" Milestone has 8 items.
6) In the 6.8 Milestone, I click on any column header to sort.

Poof! The None milestone has disappeared. The 6.8 milestone group heading is still there. The group heading indicates that it has 14 items. The 6 items I see under the 6.8 heading are the 6 items that are part of the None milestone.



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Re: Work Items not grouped correctly by Milestone after sort

Post by jclausius » Thu May 10, 2018 1:51 pm

Thanks for the detailed report. It appears that there is some type of problem initializing the "Open Items" page when it is used as a default and then trying a secondary sort. I've logged a bug regarding the issue.

The only work-around right now is to either navigate away and then back to the "Open Items" page or do not have "Open Items" set as the start page. In either of these cases, clicking the secondary sortable column headers still retrieves the items and keeps the milestones.

Jeff Clausius

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