Serious Vault issues re. Shared and VS2015 plugin

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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 4:03 am
We are using Vault 9.1 Standard together with VS.NET 2015. I have SERIOUS issues with the plugin and several questions on the "Share" function.

1. The plugin (2015) seems to randomly not detect file changes, resulting in the dreaded "renegade" status. Especially project files - which get altered when adding files and/or references. (seems the plugin does not pickup on these actions). However, in the solution explorer, all files have the closed padlock icon, and "appear" to be checked in. This is a MAJOR issue because the actual version in Vault itself is outdated and missing several files until manual intervention is done. We are now inclined on moving away from Vault altogether since these issues create a non-workable environment. (The VS2008 plugin DOES work 100% and had loads of extra features. What happened?)

2. The Share feature in Vault. We assume this works the same way as "Externals" in SVN. We use this feat to create links in order to have projects reference other projects.
o Why are these files being flagged as "Needs Merge" in locations other than the original folder ?
o Why are these files being flagged as "Renegade" - same.
=> Shouldn't these files ALWAYS follow the originals, regardless ? I would be happy to get some details because I must be doing something wrong here

3. I get messages telling me files are "duplicate" despite the fact they do not show in the Vault client. Seems it is fairly easy to mess up, blocking check-ins. (recursive check-out/check-in also fails and manual file-by-file check-out/in is needed. Our time is precious)

I am sure we're doing something wrong here. Apart from the plugin - pretty sure that just does not work properly.

(We are a paying customer going by the name of SWYLYX (BE))

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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 12:05 pm
Can you post a screenshot of the settings in the Vault Tools - Options - Concurrent Development Style?

In your VS 2015 solutions, do you use the Vault Classic Client or the Vault Enhanced Client? That setting is in the VS Tools - Options - Source Control - plugins.
Beth Kieler
SourceGear Technical Support

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:32 am
Hi Beth. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Things were quite hectic here past months. In the meantime, we migrated to VS.NET 2017 now using the VS.NET 2017 extension. A BIG DIFFERENCE! A lot of renegade issues are now resolved as well as the funky stuff going on with the shares. So that's good.

The only issues we have - and may be just features of bugfixes - are:

- packages.config changes are not always detected (nuget)
- multiple file operations on the same file (i.e. rename, delete, ...) without intermediate check-ins sometimes cause failure (most likely because the order of operations ?)
- For customer support and development, we often work with VPN connections causing local network and routing changes. The plugin keeps timing out each time a key is pressed when the server cannot be reached. Would be fab to have the plugin be a bit smarter about this and (offer to) switch to offline mode automatically.

Other than that, all quiet on the Western front!

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:12 am
Hello there! Thank you for reporting these issues with the new VS 2017 extension.
Beth is no longer with Sourcegear, having moved to St Louis. I have logged 2 bugs and a Feature Request and will reproduce them and go over them with our developers. (19970, -71, -72)
I'm glad things are otherwise going well.
Thanks again for contacting Sourcegear Support.
Joe Ream
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:01 am
Re: the packages.config, nuget issue, a developer offered these comments:

Is it safe to say you're using the Concurrent Development Style options of 'Require Check Out before Check In' and 'Make all files read-only'? If so, can you try to run 'update-package' from the Package Manager Console, does it check out the packages.config file?

Another option is to change your Development Style, that way when Nuget writes directly to package.config or your solution or project (and bypasses the source control events from within Visual Studio), Vault will automatically pick up the changes.

I hope this helps.
Joe Ream
SourceGear Technical Support

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