Vault Client performance issue on startup

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Vault Client performance issue on startup

Post by jclausius » Tue Apr 07, 2020 9:52 am

A performance issue has been discovered for Vault Clients up to 10.0.x in which the entries of a client side cache file (CacheMember_PendingServerNamespaceChanges) hinders performance of the client upon startup. Vault 10.1 will introduce code changes to help mitigate the problem of the extraneous entries in the cache file, and hope to eliminate this problem in the release after that.

In the meantime, for those not yet on Vault 10.1 or those on Vault 10.1 with a large cache, there is a workaround that will help with this particular performance problem until it is resolved:

Note, these instructions on the workaround will need to be performed one at a time per repository. To start, determine the unique ID for the repository for the GUI Client. After logging into a query tool within SQL Server, run the following SQL command: "SELECT uniquerepid, name FROM sgvault.dbo.tblrepositories;"

For each Vault GUI client encountering the issue:
  1. Log into a Vault client, and make a list of known working folders. Note, the Vault Command Line Client has a LISTWORKINGFOLDERS command that reports assigned working folders
  2. After the list has been noted, remove all working folders for the repository
  3. Shut down all Vault Clients
  4. Using the information from the SQL query above, open Windows' File Explorer, and go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\SourceGear\VaultPro_1\Client\<Repository-GUID-from-above>\<user-login>\
  5. Delete the CacheMember_PendingServerNamespaceChanges and CacheMember_WorkingFolderAssignments within that directory
  6. Start up the Vault Client.
If the performance issue went away, slowly start re-adding the recorded working folders from above to update the files' status, After each assignment, re-test the start-up performance. Note, clients should ONLY assign working folders they intend to have on local disk.

If the GUI Client start up performance has not been resolved there may be other issues. Customers with Vault maintenance are encouraged to contact SourceGear Technical support vial email to <support AT sourcegear DOT com>"
Jeff Clausius

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