Need to install 2 versions of Vault client

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Need to install 2 versions of Vault client

Post by dbeverl » Fri Oct 13, 2023 7:57 am

We are migrating from Vault 8 to Vault 10.2 and have successfully installed 10.2 (server and client) on a new server with its own SQL Server instance. We have upgraded and migrated the Vault 8 database and mounted it on the new server, and the Vault 10 client works correctly when installed on the new server. Throughout this process, we have maintained the Vault 8 database on the old server as the "live" one and have continued to use the Vault 8 client on our local machines, and have so far only tested the upgrade with the Vault 10 client on the new server.

I've reached the point where I now want to install the Vault 10 client on my machine and point it to the new database on the new server. Despite my deliberately specifying a separate install folder for Vault 10 client, the installer appears to locate my Vault 8 client folder and deletes everything there (and the folder itself) before proceeding with the Vault 10 client installation. We're not ready yet to commit to making the Vault 10 database the live one, and in order to restore my access to Vault 8, I needed to completely uninstall 10 and re-install 8.

Is there a way to have Vault 8 and Vault 10 clients installed simultaneously, and pointing to different Vault databases on different servers?

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Re: Need to install 2 versions of Vault client

Post by jclausius » Fri Oct 13, 2023 12:24 pm

Due to state information of a repository possibly changing between versions the Vault client was written in such a way that only one version can work at a time. Each version of the Vault client stores some of the more system wide settings in HKLM in your registry and unfortunately are not versioned.

About the only options are to:

1) Keep uninstalling one and then reinstalling the other version of the Vault Client. As long as you DO NOT use the same repositories between you might be OK. If you however use the same exact repository you risk corrupting some of the client side cached info since the cache from one repository may not be the same of the other repository. Please note this is all untested territory as no one has ever tested this since it is an unsupported configuration. Your experience may not be pleasant.

2) Do you have a virtual machine where you could use one of the clients directly in one environment and the other version in another? If you isolate things and share no working folder between the two machines that should work.

Unfortunately, I cannot think of any other possible options on concurrent use of multiple versions of Vault.
Jeff Clausius

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