RFE: Scan checkin comments for "BugzID:"

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RFE: Scan checkin comments for "BugzID:"

Post by davidt » Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:14 am

You SourceGear folks no doubt already have thought about this, but...

When FogBUGZ first brought out source control integration (CVS only!), they had a module in CVS that scanned checkin comments for "BugzID:" on the first line of the comment so that the corresponding case in FogBUGZ could be updated.

When I wrote the VSS integration for FogBUGZ, I copied that behavior.

Now we've switched to Vault, and it's hard to remember to hit the Advanced... button on the VB6 checkin dialog to enter the FogBUGZ case number. The VS.NET IDE's "Advanced" checkin option dialog is even less obvious. I realize you're working within the constraints of the MSSCCI, but would you (re?)consider adding an option to infer a case number (or numbers) from a Bug[sz]ID: tag on the first line of the checkin comment?

David Thompson
JELD-WEN, inc.