SOS concurrency crash when using VSS 6.0d

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SOS concurrency crash when using VSS 6.0d

Post by lbauer » Thu Dec 18, 2003 10:40 am

The SourceSafe Automation component can be susceptible to thread problems when accessed by simultaneous users. Since SourceOffSite communicates with the VSS database by the SourceSafe Automation component, this can result in a hang or crash when more than one person tries to access SourceOffSite concurrently.

In earlier versions of VSS, this was not a severe issue. However, as of VSS 6.0d, issues in the threading model were more readily exposed by SourceOffSite.

You can prevent crashes when VSS is updated to VSS 6.0d by making a change to the registry settings for the VSS APIs on the SOS Server machine.

First verify that the version number of the ssapi.dll in the Win32 directory of the VSS Client on the SOS Server machine ends in 98.48

Then, find the following key


Next, find the "ThreadingModel" Key, and set its value to "Both".

This should prevent the instant crashes you are seeing when two people simultaneously connect to SourceOffSite.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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