HTTP Error 417 Connecting to Vault Server

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Certain web proxies ("AdSubtract" is one) cause the Vault client to be unable to connect to the Vault server. The symptom is an error message with text like the following:

Unable to connect to http://servername/VaultService. No server was found at the specified URL. Web Exception: The request failed with HTTP status 417: Unexpected status code.

Vault uses the proxy settings that Windows and Internet Explorer are configured to use. You can instruct Vault to bypass the proxy by editing the proxy setting of your Vault.exe.config file, which is located in "C:\Program Files\Sourcegear\Vault Client" by default. Changing the line:

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<proxy usesystemdefault="true"/>

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<proxy usesystemdefault="false"/>

will override the system default proxy. The same setting can also be changed in the .Net Framework's machine.config file, which would override the system default proxy for all .Net applications.

In Vault 3.x and later, the proxy settings can be set in the Vault GUI client. Go to Tools - Options - Network Settings.
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