Links to comments from Vault fans

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Links to comments from Vault fans

Post by ericsink » Tue May 18, 2004 3:46 pm

This page contains links to comments about Vault which appear on other sites, including weblogs and public forums. Please notify us if any of the links below are broken.

Josh Robinson: "The support we received from Eric Sink and his team was truly the best support I have ever gotten anywhere."

Jason Alexander: "What an incredible product!"

Chris Kinsman: "I don't mention products here very often but this one has me excited."

Sam Gentile: "my favorite source control tool"

Robert A. Wlodarczyk: "Vault is a phenomenal revision control system."

Marc LaFleur: "I've been singing the praises of SourceGear for a while now and it looks like I'll keep doing so."

Scott Watermasysk: "I just like the speed and some of handy features that come with Vault."

Richard S. Tallent, II: (#8 on his top-10 apps)

Marcie Robillard: "great support team, SourceGear."

Visual Studio Magazine: (2004 Readers Choice Award)

Jonathan Goodyear: (Product review, 4 stars)

Mike Gunderloy: "a definite step forward from VSS"

Michael Ruminer: "great kudos to sourcegear for their product Vault"

Anders Molin

Post by Anders Molin » Tue Oct 26, 2004 3:05 pm

i have written a couple of blog posts about Vault, and more is comming...

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Linda Bauer
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Some Guest

And here too

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