Moving Fortress to a new machine

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Moving Fortress to a new machine

Post by lbauer » Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:50 am

To move the Fortress Server:

Assume you currently have Fortress and MS SQL Server on Machine A.

To move the Fortress server and databases, you should install or have an installation of MS SQL Server on the new box (Machine B).

Next move the databases (sgvault, sgmaster and sgdragnet) to the new machine. This can be accomplished in two recommended ways:

1) SQL Backup / Restore -

Make a complete backup of the databases.
Move the backup files to the new SQL Server machine.
Restore the sgvault backup into a new 'sgvault' database. Do the same for sgmaster and sgdragnet databases.

2) SQL Detach / Attach - Detach the databases.

Move all data / log files associated with the database to SQL Server's data directory on the new machine.
Attach the 'sgvault' "sgmaster' and 'sgdragnet' databases.

Finally, run a new installation of Fortress Server on Machine B. During the installation, the Fortress installer will prompt you for SQL Server's location. Provide Machine B's information. The install will detect the Fortress databases. Follow the prompts to KEEP the existing databases.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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