SOS 501 project history search by date fails

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SOS 501 project history search by date fails

Post by guillaume » Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:35 am


I am trying to get history by date on a whole project from 2009-04-30 to 2009-10-15.
This project is the result of a branch of our main project on 2009-07-01.

1) history title shows date format as mm/dd/yyyy (Recursive : TRUE | Include File History : TRUE | Start Date : 04/30/2009 | End Date : 10/15/2009) , while dates in column date in the list is dd/mm/yyyy (my OS is french). But I can live with that, since 501 at least seems to try to filter output properly according to the entered dates, where 4.2 did not work at all unless you entered "dd" <= 12 (on my french OS).

2) I get a full history from the branch date since 2009-10-15, but nothing before branch. If I get history on a file, I get the whole history, including of course all versions before branch.

SourceSafe client gets the whole history in the date range, even versions before the branch, as expected.


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Re: SOS 501 project history search by date fails

Post by Beth » Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:46 am

I ran several tests on this. With my regular test servers it appears to work fine, but on the server where I have the French language pack loaded, it does appear to some issue with the date filter. This is going to take some further testing and I will get a bug logged.

Thank you for reporting this.

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