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Files in Vault can have the following statuses in the Status column of the file list. You can use the Status Search tab at the bottom of the Vault Client to look for files in your tree that have any of these statuses.

  • Blank. Files that have no status in the Status column are up to date with the latest contents of the repository, and have not been changed in the working directory.
  • Old. Old files are not up to date with the latest contents of the repository, and have not been changed in the working directory.
  • Renegade and Edited. Renegade and Edited files are up to date with the latest contents of the repository, but have been changed in the working directory. If the file has not been checked out and the "Require Check Out before Check In" option is set to true, the file will have status Renegade. Otherwise, the file will have the status Edited.
  • Needs Merge. Needs Merge files are not up to date with the latest contents in the repositoy and have changed in the working directory. In almost all cases, performing a Get Latest operation with "Attempt an automatic merge" will automatically incorporate the repository changes and change the status of the file to Merged. If you want or need to resolve the merge problems manually, you may do so by selecting "Show Merge" from the context menu. Once you are done merging your changes with the repository changes, you must select "Resolve Merge Status" from the context menu in order to change the file's status to Merged. Vault will never allow a file with the status Needs Merge to be checked in. The merge must be resolved automatically or manually.
  • Merged. Merged files are up to date with the latest contents of the repository and have been through an automatic or manual merge process in order to incoroporate changes from the working directory and the repository.
  • More Recent. More Recent files occur if a file in the repository has been pinned to a version previous to the one that is in the working directory.
  • Missing. Missing files are not in the working directory.
  • Unknown. Unknown files occur when the Vault working directory is set to a directory with preexisting files. If those files have the same name as files in Vault, they are treated as Unknown. Doing a get latest will resolve the unknown file to Blank, Needs Merge or Edited/Renegade.
Here is an example, of a situation in which several of these statuses can apply to a file.

User Wilma comes in one morning to discover that someone else has added a new file to Vault. That file will have the status Missing in her file list, because she hasn't downloaded it yet. After performing a Get Latest operation on the file, its status changes to Blank. When she tries to build that file, she finds that there is a line which is causing her compilation to fail, which she simply comments out. Since she doesn't intend to check that change in, she makes this change without checking the file out, so its status is now Renegade. While working, she makes another change to the file that she intends to check in, so she checks the file out, and its status changes to Edited.

Later that morning, user Fred comes in and checks in the proper fix to that line, which he assures Wilma will fix the compilation problem. Wilma sees that the file now has status Needs Merge. She performs a Get Latest operation, but the Automatic Merge fails because her working copy of the file has a change on the same line that Fred fixed. Wilma uses the Show Merge command to bring up the merge window, and corrects the file. When prompted if she would like to resolve the Merge Status, she chooses Yes. The File's status is now Merged. When she is done editing the file, she checks it in, and its status changes back to Blank.

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