How to label as part of a build script

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Build scripts are often designed to label a folder's contents within source control and then do a "get by label" to a local build folder before actually doing the build. This allows others to later see which version of a file or folder are associated with a given build, and also ensures that the files retrieved from the repository for the build are in a known state.

To do this from Vault, integrate the two command line client commands below into your build script. The parameters assume you are applying the label "My Label" to the Vault folder "$/Automated Tests" in a Vault Repository called "QA" and your build process looks for source files in "C:\builds\sourcetree". Also, your vault server is located at

Code: Select all
vault label -host -user "Build User" -password  "MyPassword" -repository "QA" "$/Automated Tests" "My Label"

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vault getlabel -host -user "Build User" -password  "MyPassword" -repository "QA" -destfolder "C:\builds\sourcetree" "$/Automated Tests" "My Label"

If your build script is in Perl, it might look something like this:

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$labelname = "Build $buildMajor.$buildMinor.$buildRev.$buildnum";

runprog( qq(vault label -host ${Vault_Server} -user ${Vault_User} -password  ${Vault_Password} -repository "${Vault_Repository}" "$Config->{'SrcDir'}" "$labelname") );

runprog( qq(vault getlabel -host ${Vault_Server} -user ${Vault_User} -password  ${Vault_Password} -repository "${Vault_Repository}" -destfolder ${BuildDir} "$Config->{'SrcDir'}" "$labelname") );

sub runprog
   my($progstr) = @_;

   output("EXECUTING " . ${progstr});

   open(DEBUG, ${progstr} . ' |');

For more information on the command line tool, use the "vault.exe help" command.

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