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Vault fans: Post your testimonials here

Post by ericsink » Fri Feb 13, 2004 4:37 pm

As prospective users evaluate Vault, they often ask us for customer references. In general, we refuse, for reasons of customer privacy. It just doesn't seem appropriate to give one customer's contact info to another.

In general, we like the idea of our customers talking to each other about us. We provide forums like this site to facilitate this kind of communication.

But we also want a way for prospective customers to read the positive comments from people who like our product. So, we have created this forum topic as a place to collect those testimonials.

If you would like to say something nice about Vault or SourceGear, this is the place to do it. Effectively, this is a testimonials page which is entirely created by our customers. When people ask us for testimonials, we will point them to this page.

There are a few rules which need to be mentioned:

1. This page is a place for positive comments. If you post a comment on this page which is largely negative, we will delete it. We don't mind criticism, but this is not the place for it. Please feel free to complain about us publicly anywhere in our forums except for this page.

2. This is a place for objective comments. If you have any sort of affiliation with SourceGear, please disclose it in your comment or do not post here. We may ask our users to do us the favor of posting something here, but we will not provide any incentives for doing so. Similarly, no user should feel any obligation to make a posting here, even if they think Vault is awesome.

3. This is a place for real comments. Your comment can be short or long. Say as much or as little as you like, as long as you speak in your own voice with your own opinion. Your comment will be stronger and more meaningful if you include your name and organizational affiliation. However, anonymous remarks are permitted here as well. We will not edit anything posted here other than to delete postings which are clearly inappropriate.

To those of you who do post something here, thank you in advance! We really do appreciate it.

And to those of you who are here because you are evaluating Vault, thank you for your consideration. Please don't hesitate to let us know if we can be of any help in your decision.
Eric Sink
Software Craftsman


Vault rocks

Post by bbatchelder » Sun Feb 15, 2004 5:57 pm

Vault is an excellent product. Saved lots of time over VSS. Seriously reduced the "development-related" headaches that you normally have. Allows my development team to do what is simply not possible with just VSS - namely being able to get to the source tree from anywhere there is web accessibility. It has numerous advantages over VSS and other source control tools - but you can get all that info from souregear's website.

I am giddy at the thought of installing version 2.0. And I do not usually get giddy over software installation.

I recommend Vault to anyone that is using VSS, and those that have switched have thanked me.

Additionally, I have lots of respect for SourceGear's founder - Eric Sink - which makes it all the more easier to recommend and purchase their products.

Bryan Batchelder
VP Research & Development
PatchAdvisor, Inc.


Vault is da bomb

Post by DougLott » Mon Feb 16, 2004 12:39 pm

I love this product. SourceGear has managed to take SourceSafe, a mature although limited source control product, and not only duplicate the functionality but also improve it ten-fold! It is more reliable, supports atomic transactions, runs on top of SQL Server, is open in the form of web services, and will run anywhere there is internet connectivity. And this was just version 1!

Additionally, SourceGear is a company who listens to their customers. I've been a member of their support mailing list since Sep of 2003 and have been amazed at how responsive and knowledgeable their staff is. If I am ever part of a startup of an ISV, I will model it after SourceGear.

Please consider Vault if you are in the need for a stable and future rich source control product.

Doug Lott
Senior Web Developer
The Home Depot At-Home Services

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In a word: Awesome.

Post by jlalexander » Tue Feb 17, 2004 4:41 pm

SourceGear has really outdone themselves with Vault! Vault is a world class product that allows full branching and merging capabilities, atomic transactions, “CVS-style” non-exclusive development, as well as a truly distributed architecture.

Vault’s architecture has allowed us the ability to have a collaborative development environment, enabling our developers worldwide to work together in the same repository.

Awesome product, awesome reputation, awesome support.

What more can you ask for?

-Jason Alexander
Development Technical Lead,
Project Lead & Architect,

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Post by MikeFerry » Fri Feb 20, 2004 1:20 pm

We needed a way for our development team to remotely develop our website and found some recommendations for Source Offsite on the web. We initially bought a couple licenses and used it for about a year with great success.

About a month ago, we needed to add people to our team so we bit the bullet and bought Vault. The transition was smooth and the Vault product works great!

Installation is a snap and support has been great. I would not think twice about recommending this software to others.
Michael Ferry
iNextGen, Inc.


Vault and our little company

Post by awdavis » Sat May 15, 2004 11:10 pm

Our company produces industrial computed tomography machines, and we have a small team of software developers who also get to grease high-tension cables for X-ray machines and haul around 16,000 lb shield cabinets. We didn't even know what revision control was three years ago. Then we tried out Microsoft SourceSafe, and that was neat, and we almost immediately became addicted to the idea of distributed revision control. We cannot afford to go backward and re-fix bugs. But half our development team was in another city, and we're almost never in our offices anyway (laptops and modems everywhere), so we very quickly got Sourcegear's SourceOffSite to fix that problem. Things were good.

But Microsoft SourceSafe had real problems, and we found them quickly. It wouldn't back up, it was too big, it was unstable. It was a mess. SourceOffSite worked great, but with a backend storage which was still a big bunch of files, we were not getting that warm feeling with our most critical data. So I began the Big Search for a new revision control system. We were so addicted to revision control, and we were looking for the next big fix.

I found everyone. I mean everyone. I found big companies, and I found small companies. I looked for the industry standard, the Unix standards, the Windows standards. And it was not good. The Big Search was going badly. Most software had a poor user interface, had a giant clunky back-end, or cost $50,000 (seriously!) For no amount of money could I get what I needed. So one day, in desparation, with demo CDs strewn about the office, I cried to Jeff (coworker): "Why doesn't SourceGear just make a full program with their own backend database?!" On a whim, I turned to my computer and punched up the Sourcegear webpage (I'd done this before, but to no avail.) And there it was: Vault! A compelling replacement to Visual SourceSafe. I downloaded the beta right then, and ordered it as soon as it was available.

I can't really express the extent to which revision control has an effect on our development process. It's as integral as the compiler. It retains the build directories, it maintains boundaries between users, it tracks change, it relates our libraries together. Vault in particular makes this possible from anywhere in the world, encrypted, and easy. It's very fast, too. And all our data is nice and cozy in a SQL database.

So we started using it other places. We use it for our CAD drawings (which are very similar to software, as many subfiles are assembled into a common model, which then "compiles" to drawings for manufacturing." We use it for Word documents. We use it for our quotes to customers, with our ISO 9001 procedures specifying review procedures complete with labels. The Vault shadow folders automatically post the latest released quotes onto our internal webpage. Our internal policies are in a repository with a shadow folder. When the ISO consultant came to review our procedures, he saw Vault and fell in love with it. (He publically claimed that whoever found Vault for our company is a genius. Hehe.)

Anyway, that's our story. Seven full-time software developers, 23 active Vault users, 12 GB of data, four cities. And after the Big Search, I believe I can authoratatively say this is the best revision control package out there, and nobody else is even close.

Tony Davis
Deputy General Manager
HYTEC Sensors & Imaging Group, Inc.

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Excellent product and really "nice" company

Post by mwoffenden » Tue May 18, 2004 5:49 pm

Vault is an excellent product! We're an IT consulting company that develops solutions using Microsoft's .NET and related technologies.

We started looking around back in 2003 for a source control tool that would play well over the web, especially since our project team members generally work virtually from their home offices.

We loved Vault from the start, in particular the GUI, and the fact that it's built on .NET and SQL Server.

And a huge part of why we like the product is the staff at SourceGear...they really work hard to listen to their customers! This excellent support forum is one example.

In particular I've talked with Bob, Linda and Eric and they are all extremely helpful and friendly. Just the sort of folks you want managing your source code!

If you are considering Vault, don't hesitate. The newer releases have seen huge performance increases and lots of new functionality (but not too much so that the product becomes bloated.)

All in all, this is an exceptional piece of software. Nice job SourceGear!
Michael D. Woffenden, Founder and President, Information Results Corporation

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I've been using SourceGear products for years

Post by luther_miller » Thu Jul 15, 2004 10:40 am

I started using SourceOffSite in 1998 and I have been using SourceGear products ever since. I have worked with various products from many vendors. SourceGear is one of the best. Their products are high-quality and their support team is responsive. The people in the company really care about their product and their customers.
After using SourceOffSite for many years at multiple companies, I recently decided to move my company over to Vault. SourceGear helped us ensure that we were able to import our VSS databases into Vault, going the extra mile to do a special build of the import tool that handled a very specific case that we had.
We have been using Vault for a month now, and I don't miss anything from SourceOffSite. In fact, Vault makes my life easier - its administration and security are superior to what was possible with Visual SourceSafe and thus SourceOffSite. As a services company with many projects, we need to manage many repositories. I am also looking forward to future versions of Vault which will presumably contain new features for collaboration. I can recommend SourceGear's products without hesitation.

-Luther Miller
Managing Architect
Softagon Corporation

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Incredibly Stable

Post by asills » Fri Jun 22, 2007 9:20 am

I just went to my Vault server today realizing I hadn't performed maintenance on it in a while (it's behind a very secure network with no external internet access so there's little chance of infection - just to get that out of the way).

Went onto the box and looked at its uptime:
453 day(s), 5 hour(s), 23 minute(s), 53 second(s)

I think the last time I rebooted it was the around the release of Vault 3.1.8 (March 2006). I haven't even bothered checking on it for a year now because I haven't had any reason to.

The application hasn't gone down, hasn't stopped being responsive, hasn't failed for any reason. As a "VSS replacement" this is spectacular since I had to perform regular maintenance on VSS (weekly analysis and repair like their docs suggest). Vault has just run smoothly for the three repositories we have on it:
1) revision 154482, 114915 files, 6397 folders
2) revision 1750, 3312 files, 296 folders
3) revision 12632, 20232 files, 2201 folders

I'd also note that I tuned the ASP.NET application pool to never restart (a well written application should never require a restart) and the ASP.NET process has stayed at around 150MB of memory usage and 150MB of VMem usage (while SQL uses all it can obviously).

Great job.

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SourceOffSite/VSS -> Vault upgrade success story

Post by jfreidin » Wed Jul 25, 2007 2:58 pm

We upgraded from SourceOffSite/VSS to Vault about six months ago. Vault is easy to evaluate. The VSS import tool worked flawlessly and ran in less than 24 hours including all our build labels.

There are some appealing aspects of the Vault server: The repository is in a SQL database, which makes it easy to back up, manage and copy for evaluation or testing. It also means no more repository maintenance.

Pending changes may be committed as a single transaction, eliminating inconsistent piecemeal changes. The change set enables you to keep track of new, deleted and modified files, building and testing the as-committed change prior to checkin.

About the only significant problem we've had is in the area of Visual Studio 2005 integration and binding of projects. In fairness, some of the problems are in Visual Studio, not Vault. None of the problems have been insurmountable and we've been using the VS 2003-compatible client plug-in successfully.

I've used a few source control tools over the years, including RCS, cvs, and VSS. The Merge Branches Wizard in Vault is a giant step forward in making the process of merging changes across branches, painless, transparent, and most importantly--fast. It gathers a few relevant pieces of information, then quickly shows you what will be done, exposed as a pending change set. You can review (Show Merge) and modify this as needed. It only takes another couple of clicks to commit the entire set.

SourceGear support has been very responsive on the occasions where we've had problems or questions. We've purchased several additional Vault licenses since the original upgrade.

No connection to SourceGear--just a customer,

Jonathan Freidin
Sr. Software Engineer
Carbonite, Inc.

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Post by jkp*74 » Mon Jan 07, 2008 4:05 am

Great product. It makes me score better in "The Joel Test" - ... 00043.html
I have just upgraded to ver 4.0.6 with more users added. The technical support response is excellence - through the online support forum.

See my reply on ... y-projects (Joel Nat). If can, please vote my answer. :D
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Post by Bulbhead » Tue Jan 08, 2008 6:47 pm

We are using SourceVault 3.5.2 here and its working flawlessly with our web projects. Shadow folders are a hugely important feature and after some initial struggle with VSS we switched over to Vault and it was a huge improvement.

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Post by GuyH » Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:11 am


just want to say "great job" on the 4.10 version of vault.

appears to be very solid so far.

Best wishes,


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Post by NathanMc » Thu May 15, 2008 4:16 pm

I started my own development company this year after a few years working for the man after University. I'm just a one-man-band but something that I've learned over the years is how important Source Control is.

After doing some research I noted that VSS (that I had previously used) was hardly reliable, and historically it had been awkward for me to use over the internet anyway. VSS had been good to me, but I wanted something a better..

I've looked into all sorts of source control options, in particular I was recommended Subversion as a good replacement for VSS. While its a very good source control package I don't think that it will meet the needs of someone looking to painlessly replace VSS.

SourceGear's Valut is everything I wanted - all the familiar actions from VSS (and some interetsing-looking new ones), familiar IDE integration (down to the same icons for source status in Solution Explorer!) and absolutely painless installation.

Best of all, for a tiny one-man embryonic operation like mine, the price point is ideal. Looking to the future the licensing is quite reasonable.

Well done SourceGear - another very satisfied customer!

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Post by dennisS » Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:18 am

I've been using SourceSafe for at least 10 years now, and never really had any complaints about it... But then the need for remote access to the code emerged as our little development team was split up on different locations. We tried for a while using SourceSafe with various VPN solutions. We got by, as long as the VPN tunnel was allowed through the firewall whereever we happend to be at that moment.

Then the real killer... We had to manage more complex parallell scenarios... the dreaded branch and merge... which is something you would really like to avoid in SourceSafe. So as development slowly came to a complete standstill, I thought about setting up a TFS server to solve our problems, but seemed too messy, required SQL 2005 (which I did not have installed) and just basically felt like overkill and overcomplicated for us.

So, after searching the net I stumbled upon SourceGear Vault. I already had a SQL server and a IIS up and running, so installing the product was a piece of cake. Took me a couple of minutes to set up, another 30 or 40 minutes using the VSS Import tool to import my entire VSS database with history and all, then I was up and running!

It works great. We branch and merge as the need arises! No more messy VPN connections. The integration in Visual Studio 2005 works fantastic. I can work from home, from the office or from whereever I need. I love it!

My only regret is that I should have done this years ago! To everyone out there still using SourceSafe... stop! Switch to Vault! I promise you, it will be a smooth ride.

Thanks for a great product!

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