Installing SOS Collab to a named instance of MS SQL Server

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The SOS Collab installer assumes a default instance of MS SQL Server. There are specific instructions for installing to a named instance:

    1. Run the SOS Collab server installer

    This will install the server, but creation of the database schema will fail. Make sure to note the Collab admin password provided.

    2. Edit the system DSN

    Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC) > System DSN. Click Configure for the gg_sql_serversystem data source. Go to the server box and specify the SQL named instance using MACHINENAME\INSTANCENAME format (you can type directly in the box instead of expanding and selecting). On the next page, select SQL authentication mode . Enter next through the following two pages, then select finish.

    3. Run the SOS Collab stand-alone schema executable attached to this post.

    Usage is: sosce_schema admin_email admin_passwd sa_passwd gguser_passwd

    Where admin_email, admin_passwd, and gguser_passwd match the values specified in step 1. gguser_passwd and admin_passwd are the same - the value entered for the Collab admin password in the installer.

    4. Edit the registry to remove dependencies.

    Open regedit and search for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SOSCEPrimary

    Delete the keys named Depend on Group and Depend on Service.

    Reboot the server machine so the registry changes will take effect.

    5. Go to the control panel or the SOS Collab service manager and start the server services.

    6. If you get an error message, reboot the server machine and try again.
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