Command line checkin

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Command line checkin

Post by Busboy » Wed Oct 20, 2004 3:10 am

I'm using Vault v 2.0.6 and would like to checkin using command line, but where is the checkin command?

When typing "vault.exe help" I get this list of possible commands:
ADD Add files or folders to the repository
ADDREPOSITORY Add a new repository to the server
ADDUSER Add a new user to the server
BATCH Place the command line client in batch mode
BLAME Determine the user that modified a given line
BRANCH Create a branch for a repository folder
CHECKOUT Checkout files from the repository
CLOAK Cloak repository folders
COMMIT Commit items in the pending changeset
CREATEFOLDER Create a new folder in the repository
DELETE Delete files or folders from the repository
DIFF Perform a diff against the two objects.
FORGETLOGIN Remove locally stored login information
GET Retrieve files or folders from the repository
GETLABEL Retrieve files or folders specified by label
GETVERSION Retrieve files or folder at a specified version
GETWILDCARD Retrieve files whose names match a wildcard
HELP Displays this page or help for a specific command
HISTORY Shows history for an item in the repository
LABEL Labels current version of repositorypath with labelname
LISTALLBRANCHPOINTS Show all branch points in the repository
LISTCHANGESET Show the contents of the pending changeset
LISTCHECKOUTS Show all check out items for the current repository
LISTFOLDER Show contents and status of a repository folder
LISTREPOSITORIES List available repositories on the server
LISTUSERS List all users on the server
LISTWORKINGFOLDERS List local working folder associations
MOVE Move a file or folder to a different folder
PIN Pin a file or folder
REMEMBERLOGIN Store authentication information
RENAME Rename a file or folder
SETWORKINGFOLDER Set a working folder association
SHARE Share a file or folder into a different folder
UNCLOAK Uncloak a folder
UNDOCHANGESETITEM Remove an item from the change set
UNDOCHECKOUT Undo checkout (revert changes)
UNPIN Unpin a file or folder
UNSETWORKINGFOLDER Remove a working folder association

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Post by lbauer » Wed Oct 20, 2004 7:29 am

Use Commmit.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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