FAQ: Repairing Vault after an IIS reinstall

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If for any reason you must reinstall IIS, a number of bad things happen to the Vault server. Most likely, when you try to connect, you will get an error that reads “Unable to connect to <servername>/Vaultservice. No server was found at the specified URL”. In order to get Vault back operation, the following steps must be followed.
<ol><li>You must remap the IIS user settings. This can be done by following the directions at <a href=http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;306005>http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;306005</a>.
<li>The VaultService piece must be recreated as an application. From within IIS,
<ol><li>Right-click the Default Web Site, and choose New -> Virtual Directory
<li>Hit "Next"
<li>For alias, type "Vaultservice"
<li>For the directory, browse to the Vault server location, which is likely to be in InetPub/wwwroot/Vaultservice.
<li>Make sure “read” and “run scripts” are enabled.
<li>At this point, the Vaultservice icon should change from the folder icon to the IIS application icon. Now, the defaults for the web service must be reset.
<ol><li>Right click the Vault service icon, and choose Properties.
<li>Click on the documents tab
<li>Click Add, and set the default document name to "serverinstall.html"
<li>You may now be able to log in to Vault. If not, you must reactivate your Vault license.
<ol><li>Launch the Vault admin tool, and log in as admin
<li>Click on the license tab and deactivate the license
<li>Re-activate the license
<li>You should now be able to log in to Vault. If not, check the permissions on the “Documents and Settings/All users/Application Data/Microsoft/Crypto/RSA/Machine Keys” folder. Make sure that everyone has full access. If not, grant them rights to this directory, and repeat step 4.

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