Available Vault Client Logging Classes

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Available Vault Client Logging Classes

Post by sterwill » Mon Oct 25, 2004 4:07 pm

This KB article lists the logging classes available to the Vault client-side logging facility. Read this article on Client Side Logging for details on enabling it. Also, there is a KB article at http://support.sourcegear.com/viewtopic.php?t=2898 that describes additional logging available for just the IDE (in addition to the IDE class available below).

New logging classes are added with each minor release of Vault, so some of these classes don't exist in older Vault releases. SourceGear will make its best effort to keep this KB article up-to-date with all of the available logging classes. Many of these classes are only available starting with Vault 3.0.
  • all - Enable all messages to be logged. This includes very low-level (and numerous) events such as mutex take/release, working folder creation/deletion, etc. The class string will appear in the log file with each message, so they're easy to grep. This class works for all releases of Vault 2.0.5 and later.
  • checkoutlist - Partial check out lists as they are received from the server, and the full in-memory list after they have been merged
  • createrequest - Begin and end of creation of request objects for change set items during a commit
  • commit - High-level messages throughout the commit progress
  • connection - Method name and parameters for functions called at the web services layer on the client
  • crypto - Messages about crypto negotiation during login
  • emailview - Events raised in the email view control
  • fogbugz - FogBugz integration errors. Also logs the FogBugz server hostname and FogBugz URL bug request
  • get - The work the client does to request files from the server, download them, and send them to the update thread
  • ide - Method name and parameter info for all SCC functions in the IDE integration client
  • mergebranches - Progress messages during merge branches operations
  • mutex - Mutex creation, take, release, and disposal
  • refresh - The work the client does to request, retrieve, apply a tree structure delta from the server, and save the results to disk
  • statussearch - Events raised in the status search view control
  • updateknownchanges - Notification of background thread start to scan for known changes
  • upload - Begin and end of file upload through HTTP
  • vaulthelp - Errors connecting to the KB error search service
  • watcher - Scanning working folders for changes
  • wf - Working folder creation, lock, unlock, disposal
  • shadowfolderdebug - Shadow Folder operations for the Shadow Folder Service only.
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