FAQ: Moving Vault (Server and Database) to a new machine

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FAQ: Moving Vault (Server and Database) to a new machine

Post by jeremy_sg » Tue Feb 17, 2004 3:20 pm

Prior to moving to a new server, check that the operating system and SQL version are supported with the version of Vault you are running. That information can be found in our Compatibility Chart.

Assume you currently have Vault and MS SQL Server on Machine A.

To move the vault server and database, you should install or have an installation of MS SQL Server on the new box (Machine B).

Next move the database to the new machine. For Vault 3.5.x and previous versions, all information is stored in the sgvault database.

For Vault 4.x and 5.x you will need to move the sgmaster and sgvault databases. For Fortress\VaultPro, you will also move the sgdragnet database.

Starting with Vault 6.x (and above), move the sgmaster, sgvault, sgvaultindex and sgnotify databases. For Vault Professional, you will also move the sgdragnet database.

Moving the database can be accomplished in one of two recommended ways:

1) SQL Backup / Restore -

Make a complete backup of the database(s).
Move the backup file(s) to the new SQL Server machine.
Restore all the Vault or VaultPro databases.

Note, when upgrading SQL Server versions ( i.e. SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012 ), this would be the preferred method.

2) SQL Detach / Attach -
Detach the database(s).
Move all data / log files associated with the database to SQL Server's data directory on the new machine.
Attach all the Vault or VaultPro databases.

It is recommended to only use this if the version of SQL Server is not changing. For example, moving from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2012 on a new machine.

3) Run a new installation of Vault Server on Machine B (Vault Server Install Guide). During the installation, Vault will prompt you for SQL Server's location. Provide Machine B's information. The install will detect the Vault database. Follow the prompts to KEEP the existing database.

4) After installation, check any references for the OLD Vault Server's hostname in Vault Server configuration data.
  • Within the Admin Tool -> Vault (Professional) Plugins, verify the URLs to the plugin are updated with the correct hostname information.
  • In addition, any of the web.config files found in <install>\VaultService\VaultIndexService, <install>\VaultService\VaultNotifyService and <install>\VaultService\VaultShadowFolder correctly reference the new Vault Server URL in any of the "vault_server" or "shadowfolder_vaultserver" XML attributes
  • Finally, if you know you are using Shadow Folders, read "Moving Vault when you have Shadow Folders to update any information related to Vault's Shadow Folders"

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