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Our team has an issue specific to one person. I don't experience the same issue. We are on Vault Professional 6.1.0. My co-worker experiencing the issue is on Windows 10 - I am on Windows 7. (I don't know if that plays into our issue, but I thought it was worth mentioning. It appears to be the only difference between the two of us.)
When checking content back in, everything appears to be checked in properly. When one of us attempts to check out the content, that is when we receive the message that the document is being edited. This only happens to documents that have been edited/checked out by user xxx. Any checked out documents where no change has been made do not seem to have an issue. The check out is reversed properly.
We then manually check in the items individually so that others can check out and edit. However, the issue continues with this user the next time she checks out and edits content. It is very frustrating.
Any suggestions on how to resolve?
Leah Pettrone
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Thank you for the details. Vault Pro 6.x is not supported on Windows 10. You can find out which operating systems are supported on Vault Pro 6.x in our Vault Compatibility Guide: ... chart.html

I'm not 100% this will resolve the problem but until the user is on a supported operating system, we wouldn't be able to troubleshoot the issue. If the end user can't change to a supported OS, let me know if you are interested in upgrading to Vault 10.x.



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