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I'd like to request a feature to allow the client program to show a list of favorite folders within a repository. The use case here is I tend to bounce around because my workflow is to store SQL members under a SQL tree and application members under a project level. Note my application and SQL trees are within the same repository.

I also tend to switch projects frequently so maybe a more advanced feature is to add a hierarchy of favorites. For example favorite project 1 may have an application folder A and SQL folder B while project 2 may have application folder C and SQL folder D.

I understand it may make sense to put all members under a single project tree but we try to share SQL members among projects and we did not want to use the alias feature.


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Hi Eric,

Thank you for the feedback. I will gladly enter your suggestion as a feature request. However, I do have a couple of questions before I do so.

What are your plans to do with the generated list (so we fully understand your request)?

Is the idea to allow the user to take an action on an item in the list and switch folders within the GUI client?

Do you have checked out or modified items in the "Pending Change Set" that are in those different folders you listed?

We weren't sure if you were aware that if you double-click the items in the Pending Change Set, they will jump to different parts of the repository.



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