Vault 10 - Object reference not set to an instance of an obj

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:26 am
We upgraded from Vault 8 to Vault 10 early July and the upgrade went smoothly.

However, after the upgrade we occasionally see 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' from within the admin page under Source Control Repositories when selecting Groups, Repository Access, Folder Security, Undo Check out etc ...

When selecting all of the options under Server Settings, Users, Groups, Licenses, Logging etc.. we do not see the

No changes have been made since the upgrade, only normal use by users.

An IIS reset seems to clear this up but the issue comes back over time for some reason.

I have the sgvault log which contains the 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' erro and will send it to the appropriate support person.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:00 pm

Thank you for the details. Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue after the upgrade.

Please send your Vault Server log to for us to review.

Thanks again,


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