Transaction failed: file with same name

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Transaction failed: file with same name

Post by CesarGon » Thu Sep 05, 2019 1:20 am


I have been using Vault for many years and now I found this issue. From Visual Studio 2017 I moved a file from the project root folder to a subfolder, and then created a new file with the same name in the project root folder. When I try to commit my changes, I get the message:

[05/09/2019 09:13:52] Beginning transaction
[05/09/2019 09:13:52] Item $/BundtDoc/Trunk/Source/ScriptingReference/Default.aspx.designer.cs caused the transaction to fail: An item with the same name or object id already exists.
[05/09/2019 09:13:52] Transaction failed

The reason is clear: the new file has the same name as the old one I moved away. But somehow Vault is trying to add the new file before it removes the old one from this folder, hence the clash.

I can solve this manually by deleting the old file from the Vault client, and then checking in the new one. But I wouldn't like to ruin my clean transaction like this if there's a workaround. What is the recommended course of action for situations like this?

By the way, I am using Vault Standard on client and server.

Many thanks.

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Re: Transaction failed: file with same name

Post by Tonya » Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:32 am

Hi Cesar,

To resolve the problem, you will need to commit the move before the new file can be added. This can be done within the Vault GUI Client by individually selecting the MOVE transaction first. Once the MOVE has been committed, you should be able to successfully follow up with the ADD.

Please let me know if run into any issues or have any additional questions.



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