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What's new in 3.0

Post by dan » Mon Nov 29, 2004 11:24 am

The following features and changes have been included in the 3.0 release:

General Features
  • <LI>Integration with Dragnet Bug Tracking System
    <LI>Vault users can now choose to be authenticated using their Active Directory credentials.
    <LI>Email notification of changes to the repository.
    <LI>Performance improved when creating trees in the server
    <LI>Performance improved on refresh when there is not enough server RAM to store many trees.
    <LI>Get, Refresh and Checkout are much faster during long commit operations.
    <LI>Greatly improved handling of files with an Unknown status. Vault now automatically detects when a file matches a version on the server, and it will automatically create a baseline file if there is no match.
    <LI>Can now specify checksums instead of file dates to determine whether a file has been modified.

Windows Client
  • <LI>Completely redesigned Add File dialog, which allows more control over which files are added for recursive and non-recursive folder adds.
    <LI>New “Detect Files” command which searches working folders for files that do not exist in the repository.
    <LI>Can now drag and drop files and folders onto the Windows client to add files and folders to the repository.
    <LI>Set Working Folder Dialog now allows you to recursively unset working folders, and also override inherited working folders.
    <LI>Search pane now supports searching on “Any” status.
    <LI>Search pane now supports searching by filename.
    <LI>Can now undo a checkout from a different machine than the checkout happened on.
    <LI>Additional columns in file list allow sorting by file type and modified date
    <LI>Context menu commit from Pending Change Set only includes files that are selected.
    <LI>All files that are included as part of a checkin are now selected by default, even unmodified files.
    <LI>Pending change set and file list are now syncronized.
    <LI>Keep checked out now works when checking in unmodified files
    <LI>Checkin comments can now be modified from the Version Details dialog from the History Explorer.
    <LI>History query now always includes the full path to the history item, so diffs can be invoked on any item.
    <LI>History in branches now include labels that were applied in the trunk prior to the branch.
    <LI>Selection no longer lost after an operation
    <LI>Can now resolve merge status on multiple files at a once.
    <LI>The Merge Branches tool now shows labels associated with versions to select.
    <LI>The Merge Branches tool now shows transaction details by double clicking the selected version.
    <LI>The Merge Branches tool now retrieves files from the server more efficiently.
    <LI>Automerge no longer reports conflict if both files have the exact same changes.
    <LI>Multi-line comments are now allowed when creating labels
    <LI>Changing timezones no longer sets all files to an Edited status.
    <LI>Rollack now works correctly on files that have been renamed.
    <LI>Branch now retains the EOL settings from the trunk.
    <LI>Needs Merge status now takes precedence over Renegade status.
    <LI>Errors related to mutexes have been addressed.
IDE Client
  • <LI>Client side logging is now available in the IDE.
    <LI>IDE now guarantees that if a .cs file checked out, the .resx file is checked out too.
    <LI>Using a profile in the IDE now automatically logins the user in.
    <LI>No longer have to use a profile for the IDE to automatically choose the repository associated with the project.
    <LI>Cancelling the login dialog ignores further requests by Visual Studio to bring up additional login dialogs when invoking a project under source control.
    <LI>Refresh command is now hooked up, but is throttled to only fire every 30 seconds, to maintain reasonable performance.
    <LI>Login dialog should now always appear on top of the IDE window.
Command Line Client
  • <LI>New command GETLABELDIFFS will get history by labels
    <LI>New command RENAMELABEL allows renaming a label
    <LI>New command DELETELABEL allows deleting a label
    <LI>CLC can now checkin a single folder recursively.
    <LI>CLC can now checkout a folder recursively and can also specify wildcards for files to checkout.
    <LI>Files with a status of Renegade or Needs Merge can no longer be checked in via the CLC
    <LI>SSL connection problems are now reported within XML output
Diff Tool
  • <LI>Diff Tool now supports unicode files
    <LI>Next/Prev Conflict buttons now available.
    <LI>Hotkey support now available
    <LI>Colors can now be configured
    <LI>Remembers its window position and size
Admin Tool
  • <LI>Copy Rights now works correctly
    <LI>Now sorts dates correctly in the Backup pane the Undo Checkouts Pane.

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