Changing the profile that Visual Studio IDE uses to connect

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Changing the profile that Visual Studio IDE uses to connect

Post by dan » Tue Dec 07, 2004 2:56 pm

With Vault 3.0, the Visual Studio IDE will automatically connect to a project if you use a profile to connect. However, there is not yet a way to change which profile to connect with from within the GUI.

In addition, older versions of Visual Studio will sometimes not save the profile that was selected to connect with.

For either of these scenarios, manually editing the MSSCCPRJ.SCC file that exists in the working folder of the project will allow you to permanently change the profile the project connects with.

In order to do this, find the line that looks like this in the .scc file:

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SCC_Aux_Path = http://localhost/VaultService|profile:1
The fields on this line are:
[URL of server to connect to]|[profile to connect with]:[repository ID]

To change the profile (or to add one if there is not one), merely change the text between the pipe ('|') and the colon (':') to match an existing profile. That profile will then be used to connect to the project when connecting via the IDE.

Additional Note: The same symptoms may occur in any of the IDEs if there are bad characters related to the source control bindings in the .csproj, .sln, or other project files.

To check this, open up the solution or project file in notepad and search for the "scc*" lines. In some cases, these lines can have extra characters in them, such as:

SccProjectName=""$/correct/path", JYJAAAAA" (which should be just "$/correct/path")

You can either remove these characters by manually editing them, or by unbinding and re-binding the project.

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