Benefits of integrated bug tracking - Dragnet and Vault

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Benefits of integrated bug tracking - Dragnet and Vault

Post by lbauer » Wed Dec 29, 2004 11:53 am

Dragnet integration with Vault is no longer available as of Vault 4.0. However, the features listed below are available in Fortress and Vault Professional.

What are the benefits of integrated work item tracking vs a standalone work item tracking system?

Work item tracking integration with Fortress/Vault Professional refers to the ability to update work item tracking items from within the Fortres/Vault Professionals client, and for the Fortress/Vault Professional item tracking system to show the changes in source code which fixed the work item. Fortress/Vault Professional work item integration allows the user to:

1 ) View and Update Work items from the Fortress/Vault Professional client

- View a list of your open items or all open items in Fortress, including item details, from the Fortress/Vault Professional client View->Show My Open Items menu and from the Fortress/Vault Professional check-in dialog. You can modify Item details.

- From the Fortress/Vault Professional check-in dialog you have the option to mark Fortress/Vault Professional items completed and add Fortress/Vault Professional check-in comments to work items.

- When you choose Fortress items to update from the Fortress check-in dialog, the work item number and description are listed as part of the Fortress transaction comment.

- When viewing the history of a source code file, the Fortress/Vault Professional IDs listed in the transaction comment are displayed as links in the Fortress/Vault Professional history detail dialog. Clicking the links will display the full details of the Fortress/Vault Professional item in the Web Client.

2) View code and comments related to a work item fix from Fortress/Vault Professional

In Fortress/Vault Professional, when a work item is updated during a check in:

- The Fortress/Vault Professional check-in comment will be displayed as part of a work item comment if the user chose to add the check-in comment.

- The name and version number of the files checked into Fortress/Vault Professional will be listed as links as part of the check-in comment. Clicking on the file link takes you to a Fortress/Vault Professional web page that displays the history of that file. Clicking on the version number link will go to a Fortress/Vault Professional web diff page that displays the changes made to the file.

Work item tracking integration with source control saves time and extra steps by providing quick access to work item or source code information for users who are updating bugs, tasks, feature requests, and other work items.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager