Moving from SOS Collaborative Edition to Vault + Dragnet

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Moving from SOS Collaborative Edition to Vault + Dragnet

Post by lbauer » Mon Feb 07, 2005 12:19 pm

Moving From SOS Collaborative Edition to Vault 3.x with Dragnet.

For a smooth transition from SOS Collaborative Edition to Vault with Dragnet, follow these steps:

A. License Exchange

Exchange your SOS Collab licenses for Vault and Dragnet licenses. Contact our sales department at

B. Install Vault

First, verify you have the necessary system requirements for Vault.

Then install the Vault Server.

Use the VSS Import tool to import your VSS database into Vault.

C. Install Dragnet and import your SOS Collab Bugs and Discussions.
1. Install Dragnet on the same machine as Vault or on another machine on the same LAN.

System Requirements:

Installation instructions are similar to Vault's:

For Dragnet setup, see Dragnet Help or Online help at: ... efault.htm

2. Import your SOS Collab bugs into Dragnet

The Collab import tool will import your SOS Collab bugs and discussions into Dragnet.

To use the Collab import tool, create a SourceGear\Collab Import Tool directory and extract the Import Tool files. Double-click CollabImport.exe and follow the prompts to import your SOS Collab bugs and discussion items into Dragnet. Please note that Dragnet does not support threaded discussions. SOS Collab discussions will be imported in the same format as bugs.

Integrate Vault with Dragnet:

-- in Vault, configure Bug Tracking in the Admin Tool->Repository Options tab. Select a repository, choose Dragnet from the Bug Tracking Application dropdown. Enter the Bug Tracking Integration URL and click "Apply." For example:


-- in Dragnet, login as Admin and choose Setup. Under SourceCode Control, choose Vault from the dropdown. Enter the SourceCodeControl Server URL. For example:


Select "Submit" to save your changes.

Note: Dragnet and Vault can be installed on the same machine and can use the same MS SQL Server installation.
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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