Importing a solution or project that uses IDE Integration

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Importing a solution or project that uses IDE Integration

Post by dan » Wed Jun 01, 2005 2:24 pm

The Vault admin web page has a function called Rebind Projects found under each repository. If you intend to bind to the Vault Visual Studio Enhanced Client, then you can use that link to quickly bind to the new client.

If you use IDE integration in VSS and want to continue using it in Vault, you need to make sure that when the solution or project files are imported or added to Vault, the project is in an unbound state.

These kinds of solution and project files contain binding information that is specific to SourceSafe, so if you import or add them to Vault, the binding information will be incorrect. Binding the projects to Vault is required before the projects will be able to use Vault IDE integration.

In order to bind it correctly to Vault, do the following:

1. While still bound to VSS, unbind the project in VSS (using the Change Source Control dialog, and the unbind button), and checkin the changes to the solution/project files to VSS.
2. Import or add the files to Vault.
3. Bind the solution or project to Vault (again, using the Change Source Control dialog, but this time to its new location in your Vault repository).
4. Checkin the newly bound solution/project files to Vault.
5. After this, other users should be able to perform an "Open From Source Control" operation to get the newly bound project.

If you have already imported the project to Vault but it is bound to VSS, and you don't want to re-import the project, you can:

1. Attempt to open the project from Vault (it will fail)
2. Go to the Change Source Control dialog and unbind the solution/project. It may take a few tries, and you may need to exit and re-enter Visual Studio before it gets unbound correctly.
3. Depending on your projects and setup, you may need to checkin the unbound versions of the project/solution files to Vault.
4. Using Change Source Control, now attempt to bind the project to Vault and checkin the changed solution/project files after they are correctly bound.

If you wish to have Vault bind all your projects to the Vault Enhanced Client, use the instructions posted here:

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