Installing multiple versions of the Vault Client

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Installing multiple versions of the Vault Client

Post by mskrobul » Wed Jun 08, 2005 10:25 am

To install multiple versions of the Vault Client on the same machine install version X of the client then copy the folder holding the Vault executable to another path then install version Y of the client.

For instance, if you have the Vault 3.1.x client installed and want to also install a Vault 3.5 client, copy the Vault 3.1.x directory to another path (or rename the directory) and then install the Vault 3.1.8 client.

Each client should connect to a unique server, to prevent inconsistencies in the cache files.

If you are using Vault 2.0.6 or Vault 3.0 clients, note that the working folder structure changed in version 3.1. If one of the clients is version 3.1.x you will need to change the location your cache files are stored in version 3.1. This will prevent you from losing your working folder when you switch clients. To do this, go to Options->LocalFiles->Cache/Backup locations. Choose the “In Custom Folder” option and browser for a location for your cache files. This should be done the first time you run the 3.1.x client.

There are some known issues with running multiple Vault client versions on a single machine. Both clients share registry entries, so some odd things may happen due to changes in what is actually stored in the registry by different versions, for example:

• Profiles – You will not be able to auto connect using profiles with the both versions of the client.

• IDE Client - If you use the IDE, the installer changes registry settings for SCCServer path in this key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SourceGear\Vault Client. If you just installed Vault 3.0 but want to use IDE integration with Vault 2.0, you'd need to edit this path to point to the correct Vault Client directory: C:\Program Files\SourceGear\<Vault Client v.2 dir>\VaultIDE.dll.

Note that Vault 3.0.x Clients are compatible with 3.1 servers and vice versa, but version 2.x clients and before are not compatible with 3.1 or 3.x servers. Only 3.5 clients can connect to 3.5.x servers and vice versa.
Mary Jo Skrobul

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