Dragnet 1.0.4 Release Notes

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Dragnet 1.0.4 Release Notes

Post by ericsink » Mon Jul 18, 2005 1:43 pm

The following features and changes have been included in the 1.0.4 release:


* Added a Resolver field so QA testers and others can track items assigned to them for verifying.
* Open Items and My Open Items pages now list open items for assignees and completed items for Resolvers.
* At-A-Glance summary pages now list links to both Open and Unresolved items.
* Goto Item control can now be used to do a keyword search in addition to going directly to an Item ID.
* Item Summaries pages now have a printable view.

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed serialization issue that occurs with v2.0.50215 of the .NET framework.
* Fixed installer to recognize NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE for non-English versions of Windows 2003.
* Dragnet now installs correctly when using SQL Express 2005 when connect using SQL Server authentication.
* Printable pages display correct for item lists grouped by milestone.
* Modify milestone now checks to make sure there are no open items when deactivating a milestone regardless of public or private access.
* User interface enhancements.
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