Manually changing the .Net Framework Vault runs under

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You can change the version of the framework Vault uses when executing by editing the .config file associated with the program you are running.

- For the Vault standalone client, edit VaultGUIClient.exe.config in the same folder as VaultGUIClient.exe
- For the Admin Tool, edit VaultAdmin.exe.config in the same folder as VaultAdmin.exe
- For the server, edit the web.config file in the virtual folder where Vault runs.

Note that the IDE components cannot have their .Net Framework versions changed, because Visual Studio determines which framwork to use, based on the version of VS being used.

Edit the file so the "startup" element is within the "configuration" element as shown below. Note that the version number must contain the exact version number, and a preceding "v".

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  <requiredRuntime version="v1.1.4322" safemode="true" />


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