Re-configuring Vault settings after a Server re-install

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Re-configuring Vault settings after a Server re-install

Post by mskrobul » Wed Aug 24, 2005 11:10 am

Whenever possible it is recommended that you upgrade the Vault Server by running the Upgrade installer. However, in some situations it may be necessary to un-install and then re-install the Vault server. If un-installing and re-installing the Vault server, there are some settings that may need to be reconfigured for the Vault Server after the re-install.

Vault.config file:

A number of Vault Server settings are stored in the vault.config file. The vault.config file is located in the VaultService directory.

The Server’s logging settings, database buffer size, file upload limit, SQL command timeout, login delay threshold, login delay timeout, Active Directory domain and email settings are all stored in the vault.config file. Uninstalling the Vault server will remove the vault.config file.

If you have changed any of the above settings from the defaults you will need to be re-configure these values in the Admin tool after re-installing the Vault Server.

Email Notifications :

During the install and install repair processes a crytpo key (used to decrypt passwords) is created and stored in the registry. The encrypted SMTP password is stored in the vault.config file. If you repair your Vault server installation the Vault Server will not be able to decrypt the SMTP password because the crypto key used to create the password is no longer available. This will cause Email notifications to fail if an SMTP password is required.

If using Vault 3.1.1 or earlier:

• Open Vault.config and clear the value for <SMTPAuthPassWord>.
• Re-configure the password from the Email Settings dialog in the Admin tool.

Vault versions 3.1.2 and later have the ability to reset the SMTP password
from the Admin Tool (< 4.0) or Admin Web Client (Vault >= 4.0) without editing the Vault.config value first.

Shadow Folders:

Shadow folder associations are stored in the web.config file. If you uninstall then re-install the Vault server, you will need to re-configure Shadow folders in the Admin Tool.

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