Add to Source Control says my working folder is c:\

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Add to Source Control says my working folder is c:\

Post by dan » Thu Mar 18, 2004 3:48 pm

Another title of this could be: Add to Source Control creates a long string of redundant folders in Vault (e.g., $/Myfolder/product1/solution1/project1/product1/solution1/project1)

When you add a solution to Vault, it is very important that every project and every file within every project, exists within the solution's folder hierarchy. For example, if your solution is in c:\projects\solution, all projects and files must be somewhere underneath c:\projects\solution.

If a stray file or project is outside the solution hierarchy, the IDE will try to find the common root folder to all files, which will likely end up being "c:\" (depending on what drive you are on). Continuing with the add after this point will cause the directory structure in Vault to not match the structure of the project (creating the long string of redundant folders above), and then exiting and re-invoking the IDE will often result in binding errors.

To avoid this, do not continue to add to source control if you see the working folder as c:\ (or whatever drive you are currently on). Cancel the operation, find the offending file or project that is outside the hierarchy, and either move it to be within the hierarchy, or temporarily remove it from the solution or project until the solution is successfully added to Vault.

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