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We are proud to present SourceGear Vault 3.5. With new and enhanced features, SourceGear Vault 3.5 will be considered a major release.
  • New customers can purchase Vault client licenses at the SourceGear Store.
  • Customers with current Gold Support subscriptions can upgrade their Vault 3.0 or Vault 3.1
    licenses at the Gold Support Upgrade site.
  • Customers with expired Gold Support subscriptions must first renew their Gold Support subscription,
    and then upgrade their license numbers at the Gold Support Upgrade site.
  • Note, Vault 1.x and 2.x license numbers cannot directly be upgraded to a Vault 3.5 license.
    Vault 1.x and 2.x licenses will need to be upgraded to a Vault 3.1 license. The resulting license
    can then be upgraded to Vault 3.5.

Installation Notes
  • The Server upgrade to Vault 3.5 may take longer than previous Vault Server upgrades due to new
    indexing added to the database.
  • Please ensure you have a verified backup of your database before upgrading, and upgrade at a time
    when it is convenient to not have access to the server. On very large Vault installations, the upgrade
    may take several hours.
  • Vault 3.5 is not backwards compatible with previous versions of Vault. In essence, Vault 3.5 clients
    will only interact with Vault 3.5 servers and vice versa. Vault 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1 clients and servers
    are not compatible with Vault 3.5 clients and servers.

New Functionality
  • Export / Import Folders - This feature will allow folder and file history along with corresponding
    labels to be moved between Vault repositories.
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver client - Full support of Vault within Macromedia's Dreamweaver IDE.
  • New Vault Client functionality
    • History Favorites - Store and run predefined filters of common History Queries for given
      users, actions, comments, etc.
    • History Query Filtering by Label - History Queries can be filtered by items before or after a label,
      as well as within a range of labels.
    • Ghosted Folders - Within the Vault GUI client, a new setting allows local disk items not found
      within the Vault Repository to be seen within the Folder Tree and File view of assigned
      Working Folders.
    • Built In Folder Diff - Added a built in Folder Diff utility for faster diff comparisons between folders.
    • Rescan button added to Change Set tool bar for users who work in Edit, Merge, and Commit mode.

  • Vault Admin Tool Improvements
    • Obliterate performance - Improvement in performance when obliterating deleted items from the
      Vault Admin Tool.
    • Obliterate UI - Changes made within the obliterate tab to show a tree view of obliterated
      items allowing an easier way to navigate through deleted items.
  • Vault Client Improvements
    • Status Search - Status Search has been tweaked for speed, and users can now invoke common
      Vault commands on the search results - Get, Checkout, Checkin, Show Differences, etc.
    • Version checking - The Vault version check now runs within a background thread so it does
      not interfere with login.
    • Improved UI support with .Net 2.0 Framework - Changes made to the Vault GUI client's
      interaction with the .Net 2.0 Framework.
    • Added Unicode support for CP 950 and GB 2312 within the SourceGear Diff / Merge tool.
  • Vault Server Improvements
    • Support for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1.

  • Get no longer deletes local files on Get Latest if a repository folder was deleted and new folder of
    same name was later added.
  • Can now checkout a file in a repository folder where the working folder is set and the file's status is Missing.
  • Pin, rollback, share, and undelete are disallowed by the server when the operation would cause a
    name conflict with an existing object of the folder.
  • Command Line Client GET command now honors the -performdeletions option.
  • Fixed Blame in which certain cases caused gaps in the results.
  • Vault Server retrieves all history when filtering more than 100 users.
  • Vault Server no longer logs a Windows Event Viewer error on 2.0 .Net Framework.
  • Vault Client no longer allows multiple repository paths to be configured to the same local working folder.

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