disabling/removing user accounts with active entries

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disabling/removing user accounts with active entries

Post by ELaing » Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:33 am

What would the effect be if I disabled four accounts in Dragnet that currently have entries as 'resolver', 'reporter', and 'assignee' ? I don't intend to delete the accounts, just make them inactive.

a little history:
We've been using Dragnet on other projects, and decided to try it out as a separate database for electronic computer action logkeeping (tracking software and hardware mods, etc). For the first month, we only used four of our available licenses and kept it generic: e.g.,a hardware login, a software login, etc. We're happy, so we purchased more licenses and now I need to create individualized accounts rather than using the generic. However, I don't want to start over with the database, either.

I figure I can add the new licenses and create the new accounts; then go to each of the existing reports and modify those fields to use the new users...but, I'd rather not spend that time if I don't have to. advice, please?


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Post by Beth » Thu Nov 16, 2006 1:32 pm

You can make a user inactive and others should be able to see it or modify it provided they have the security to do so. If you find they suddenly can't see that user's bugs, then you just need to go in as Admin and make sure they have the correct security rights.