Unable to add or checkin files

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Unable to add or checkin files

Post by lbauer » Thu Jan 29, 2004 8:53 am

Some proxies and other network devices do not support chunked encoding, which is an HTTP 1.1 feature that Vault uses for performance reasons.

If your connection to the Vault server must go through such a device, we may have a fix for you.

In Vault Client versions 2.0.3 and later, chunked encoding is Off by default. But if it has been enabled at some point, you can disable chunked encoding under Tools->Options->Network Settings.

In earlier versions, try editing the registry of the Vault Client machine as follows. Find the key :

Once there, add the following value:


Set this Value to "True". This will disable Chunked encoding, which Microsoft ISA server (and others) do not support. You must restart your client in order for this setting to take effect.

If a proxy is the cause of the problem, and your network configuration allows it to be bypassed, then you can override the system default proxy as described <a href=http://support.sourcegear.com/viewtopic ... 03>here</a>.

This error commonly manifests itself with the following Vault errors:
  • "The Vault server could not be contacted to perform the operation. Your network connection to the server may have been interrupted."
  • "Could not apply the delta."
  • "Chunked encoding upload is not supported on the HTTP/1.0 protocol."
  • "Upload for item failed, retrying..."
  • "Upload for item failed too many times, aborting transaction"
  • "This request requires buffering of data for authentication or
    redirection to be successful."
Linda Bauer
Technical Support Manager

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