File doesn't get checked in from IDE

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File doesn't get checked in from IDE

Post by dan » Tue Apr 13, 2004 2:23 pm

If you attempt to check in a file from the Visual Studio .NET IDE, but it remains checked out, check the following:
<UL><LI> It is possible that the IDE is set to automatically checkout a file on checkin, so the file may have been checked in properly, but then automatically checked out again. From VS.Net, check Tools->Options->Source Control->General, and see whether “Keep items checked out when checking in” is checked. Also, check the Vault GUI client, and verify the files are being checked in (their version number should go up for each checkin, and history will reflect each change made).

<LI> It is possible that the status of the file is Unknown. Vault cannot checkin files with an Unknown status. Bring up the Vault GUI client and go to the file in question, and check its status. If the file status is Unknown, and you have modified it, the best way to recover is to save the modified file somewhere else, do a Get Latest and overwrite the file, then copy the modified file back over the file Vault just retrieved. Its status should be edited at that point, and can be checked in. <p> See and for more info on Unknown files.

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