File Gets Overwritten in IDE on Get Latest

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File Gets Overwritten in IDE on Get Latest

Post by dan » Tue Apr 13, 2004 2:30 pm

File Gets Overwritten in Visual Studio .NET IDE on Get Latest

Files will get overwritten on a Get Latest if the user option to overwrite modified files has been changed to “Overwrite”, or if the file status is Unknown. This is true in any Vault client (IDE, GUI, command line), but it is harder to see the options and/or the status in Visual Studio, since the IDE controls the interface.

Note that by default all files are backed up in an _sgbak folder in the working folder before they are overwritten. If you think Vault overwrote a changed file, be sure to check the backup folder for the file. Vault will backup files based on the Tools->Options->Local Files->"Save files in backup folder before overwriting" setting in the GUI client.

For information on Get latest and file status see the following knowledge base articles:

UPDATE: In newer versions of Vault, you can restore overwritten items from inside the Vault GUI client. Right-click the parent folder of the deleted item and select Properties. Then click the Backup Files tab. Select the file to restore and click Add. You can add multiple files. Then click Restore All.

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