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Knowledge Base Index of Topics

Post by dan » Wed Apr 14, 2004 12:20 pm

Installation and Upgrades
Vault Upgrading Guide
Moving Vault During an Upgrade
Vault Versions Compatibility Chart
Upgrading Check List
Installing IIS and registering .NET with IIS

Rights issues or installing with a custom account
Documenting Your Vault Installation
Error 2738: Could not access VBScript runtime
IIS must be installed before the .NET Framework
Error: IIS 5 or greater must be installed

Repairing Vault after an IIS reinstall
Install Error: not associated with a trusted connection
Running Vault Server under an Impersonated Windows Account
Re-configuring Vault settings after a Server re-install
Reconfiguring Vault after the Vault Server name changes

Manually uninstalling the server
Vault with SSL
Cannot Get Updated Vault Client in Eclipse

Connection/Login Problems
Login error You have more active users than valid
Login error: No server was found at the specified URL

Server sessions keeps timing out
Javascript error when connecting with the Admin Web Client
Troubleshooting "Unable to connect to server"
Error 404 when accessing vaultservice/vaultservice.asmx page
HTTP Error 417 Connecting to Vault Server

CryptoAPI cryptographic service provider (CSP) Error
Vault Client Can't Connect Through Some Routers (MTU)
SSL Error Your network connection to the server.
Can't connect thru SSL with Vault CPC, Java CLC, or Eclipse
Cant connect Java Vault CPC, Vault CLC, Eclipse or ANT
An error occurred when trying to retrieve version.xml

Configuration Issues
Finding the Vault Server-side Logs
Upload Large Files
Errors When Using Reports in Vault 7 or higher
Vault client takes a long time to load, hangs,
or the tree is blank

IE Displays Incorrectly or Non-Functional Buttons

Notification Logging
Increasing Maximum Upload Size
Unable to add or checkin files
Vault Server Install on IIS with Sharepoint or other Service
Moving Vault to a new machine.

Troubleshooting add/checkin upload failures
Determining which account the .NET process model is using
Manually changing the .Net Framework Vault runs under
Running Anti-Virus software w/ SQL Server
The TreeDeltaCompresionThreshold option

The Vault Server configuration file ( Vault.config )
Recommendations for optimal Vault performance
Vault Security Described
Error: You have no rights to view any items in this repository

Vault Security Examples
Set up Notifications in Vault 6.0 and later
Vault and Daylight Savings Time
Critical Error! in sgvault log file
RSS and Saved Queries
Changing IP, domain, or server machine name
Error: Could not get public key from server

Plugin Configuration: Shadow Folders, Notify Service, Index Service
Vault Plugin Configuration Guide
Shadow Folders with UNC Paths
Moving Vault when you have Shadow Folders
Configuring Shadow folders in a Workgroup
Configuring a FogBugz Bug Tracking URL in the Admin Tool

SQL Issues
Suggested Vault Database Options Performance Tweak
Do you have a backup of your Vault database?
Restoring Vault database backups
SQL Connection String
Moving the Vault Database to a new SQL Server

Moving Vault from one directory to another
How to change the SQL backup directory
Server error that refers to MySQL
Errors after restoring a database
Maintenance: The Vault Server database

Maintenance on the Vault Index Database
Vault SQL Database Options
Error integrating with SSMS 2012

Visual Studio IDE Integration
Getting Started With Visual Studio Integration (in progress)
Binding and Rebinding Visual Studio Projects
Integrating Vault 10 and higher with Visual Studio 2017
Changing Bindings from Vault Standard to Vault Professional
Automatically rebinding solutions and projects to the Enhanced Client

Integration with SQL Server Management Studio
Integration with Visual Studio 2010
Visual Studio Status Icons or Glyphs
Welcome to the Vault/Fortress Visual Studio Enhanced Client
Visual Studio Enhanced IDE Client FAQ

Re-binding a solution for use with the Vault Visual Studio Enhanced Client
Visual Studio IDE Clients (Vault 4.x/Fortress 1.x)
What is the Deepest Common Ancestor?
No source control menus within Visual Studio
Visual Studio .Net IDE Integration Overview (Classic Client)

Adding a solution or project to Source Control from IDE
Using Vault and VS.NET integration for web projects
Importing a solution or project that uses IDE Integration
Sharing projects in Visual Studio .Net IDE
Changing the profile that Visual Studio uses to connect (Vault Classic Client)

Visual Studio always displays login or repository dialog (Vault Classic Client)
Using multiple solutions in same folder with VS.Net IDE
Concurrent Development in the IDE
Working Offline in the Visual Studio .Net IDE
Branching Web Projects

Add to Source Control says my working folder is c:\
File Gets Overwritten in IDE on Get Latest
File doesn't get checked in from IDE
Get Latest or Undo Checkout Didn't Overwrite File in IDE
VB6 and VC++ 6.0 Integration on Windows 7
Enabling Source Control Functions in Visual Basic 6
How to open a Web Project from Source Control in VS 2005 and later (Vault Classic Client)

Vault Client
Client-Side Logging
Troubleshooting add/checkin upload failures
Understanding the Vault Client
Vault options when connecting to multiple servers
Options for Get Latest operations

Explanation of Vault File Status
Explanation of Vault Check Out and Check In Comments
Disable the Windows Client Splash Screen
Vault Client-Side Cache Files
Clearing the Client-side Cache
Why is my %appdata% folder so big?
Installing multiple versions of the Vault Client

Detecting Modified Files With CRCs
Why are diff and merge files read-only?
Items are "stuck" or orphaned in Pending Change Set
Rolling back a folder or label
Client error: server connection class was not initialized
Add an image from the Clipboard to a Fortress/Vault Pro Item
Vault Client performance issue on startup

Vault Cross Platform Client (CPC)
Cross-Platform Client Logging
Vault CPC sys requirements
Can't type in window on Cross Platform Client
Can't connect thru SSL with Vault CPC, Java CLC, or Eclipse
Cant connect Java Vault CPC, Vault CLC, Eclipse or ANT

Client API
Vault Client API or Web Service
Client API documentation, examples, and questions
Sample Command line history query
Accessing the Vault API in Visual Basic 6

Command Line Client
Examples of Common CLC Commands
Command Line Client -- Where's the checkin command?
Command Line Client null error on get
How to label as part of a build script
Getting a label with "labelpath" in the Command Line Client

Making the Transition from VSS to Vault
Moving Your VSS Database into Vault

Handoff your VSS Database
Tips for performing a Handoff from VSS
Handoff on a 64-bit Machine
Handoff versus VSS Import

Import Tool
Tips for a Successful VSS Import
Importing a solution or project that uses IDE Integration
Options for a VSS Import
The Import Tool log file
VSS Import Log Errors
Finding the full VSS Import Tool for Vault

Vault with Unix
Vault with Java CLC on Unix/Linux

Build Integration Tools
Cruise Control Integration

Source Control Commands and Practices
Best Practices for setting up repositories
Best Practices for Managing Branches
Basics of using Label, Cloak, Share, Pin, Branch and Merging
How to label as part of a build script
Using Debug Logging to Troubleshoot Issues

Product Info/Shameless Marketing
Benefits of integrated bug tracking - Dragnet and Vault/Fortress/Vault Professional
Reasons to Switch from SourceSafe to Vault
Vault vs. CVS
Vault for a single user

Deprecated KB Articles for versions Vault 4 and Earlier
Link to Archived KB articles

Release Notes/Changes
All release note links have been moved to another post further down: Click Here

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Archived KB Articles for older versions

Post by lbauer » Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:56 am

For Archived KB Articles relevant to older Vault Versions, see: ... 13&t=21730
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Re: Knowledge Base Index of Topics

Post by Beth » Mon Apr 25, 2016 7:39 am

Release Notes/Changes per release
Vault 10.0.0 Release Notes
Vault 9.1.0 Release notes
Vault 9.0.0 Release Notes

Vault 8.0.1 Release Notes
Vault 8.0.0 Release Notes

Vault 7.2.1 Release Notes (includes 7.2)
Vault 7.1.0 Release Notes
Vault 7.0.0 Release Notes

Vault 6.1.0 Release Notes
Vault 6.0.1 Release Notes
Vault 6.0.0 Release Notes

Vault 5.1.2 Release Notes
Vault 5.1.1 Release Notes
Vault 5.1.0 Release Notes

Vault 5.0.4 Release Notes
Vault 5.0.3 Release Notes
Vault 5.0.2 Release Notes
Vault 5.0.1 Release Notes
Vault 5.0.0 Release Notes

Vault 4.1.4 Release Notes
Vault 4.1.3 Release Notes
Vault 4.1.2 Release Notes
Vault 4.1.1 Release Notes
Vault 4.1.0 Release Notes

Vault 4.0.6 Release Notes
Vault 4.0.5 Release Notes
Vault 4.0.4 Release Notes
Vault 4.0.3 Release Notes
Vault 4.0.2 Release Notes
Vault 4.0.1 Release Notes
Vault 4.0 Release Notes

Vault 3.5.3 Release Notes
Vault 3.5.2 Release Notes
Vault 3.5.1 Release Notes
Vault 3.5 Release Notes

Vault 3.1.9 Release notes
Vault 3.1.8 Release notes
Vault 3.1.7 Release notes
Vault 3.1.6 Release notes
Vault 3.1.5 Release notes
Vault 3.1.4 Release notes
Vault 3.1.3 Release notes
Vault 3.1.2 Release notes
Vault 3.1.1 Release Notes
Vault 3.1 Release Notes

Vault 3.0.7 Release Notes
Vault 3.0.6 Release Notes
Vault 3.0.5 Release Notes
Vault 3.0.4 Release Notes
Vault 3.0.3 Release Notes
Vault 3.0.2 Release Notes
Vault 3.0.1 Release Notes
What's new in 3.0

Vault Enhancements in 2.0.6
Vault Enhancements in 2.0.5
Vault Enhancements in 2.0.4
Vault Enhancements in 2.0.3
Vault Enhancements in 2.0.2
Vault Enhancements in 2.0.1
New Features in 2.0

New features in Vault 1.2
New features in Vault 1.1
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