Fortress 1.0.0 Release Notes

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We are proud to present SourceGear Fortress 1.0. This is the debut version of an exciting new application lifecycle management (ALM) solution.

• Version control (built from the same source tree as Vault 4.0)
• Work item tracking (from Dragnet, with significant new improvements).
• Excellent integration with Visual Studio 2005 and Eclipse.
• Easy to install. Designed specifically for small and medium-sized teams.

Installation notes:

If you are converting a Vault or Dragnet installation, you must uninstall those products before installing Fortress. When uninstalling, choose to keep the databases.

In order to convert an installation of Vault and Dragnet to a Fortress installation, both the sgvault and sgdragnet databases must be on the same SQL server instance. Use the detach and reattach functions in SQL server to move databases if necesarry. It is recommended that you convert to the latest version of Dragnet before convert to Fortress.

For users converting from an installation of Vault only, the Fortress work item tracking database will be automatically created.

It is not recommended to convert an installation with only Dragnet. Install Vault 3.5.2 beside your Dragnet installation and convert them as normal.

Changes from Vault 4.0:

• Visual Studio 2005 Item Tracking Client. Users can add/edit work items as well as query and run saved queries inside Visual Studio 2005.

• Eclipse Item Tracking Client. Users can add/edit work items as well as query and run saved queries inside Visual Studio 2005.

• Work Item Tracking Web Client. Users can browse and query bugs though a web interface.

• Web-Only users. Special licensing is available to allow for users who can only access Fortress through a web browser.

Changes from Dragnet:

• Users with the IDE clients can save commonly used queries, and easily rerun them or run a saved query with small changes without saving a new query.

• The Project Access rights were changed to make it easier for administrators to determine what the effective rights for a user are.

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