Using multiple solutions in same folder with VS.Net IDE

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Using multiple solutions in same folder with VS.Net IDE

Post by dan » Thu Apr 29, 2004 2:03 pm

If you have multiple solution files in the same Vault folder, they must use the same working folder on any given machine for a user, since Vault allows exactly one local working folder per Vault folder per user per machine.

However, there is a problem in the Visual Studio.Net IDE that if you do an Open From Source Control on a solution that is in the same folder as another solution, it will delete the first solution file from the working folder. This problem is within Visual Studio, and will show up with SourceSafe, Vault, or any SCC provider.

For example, if you have two solutions in Vault at $/solutions/Solution1.sln and $/solutions/Solution2.sln, and their working folder is c:\projects\solutions, if you do an Open From Source Control on $/solutions/Solution1.sln, exit the IDE, then later do an Open From Source Control on $/solutions/Solution2.sln, the IDE will delete Solution1.sln from the working folder.

There are 2 workarounds for this problem:

1. The bug only seems to happen when the IDE is exited and re-invoked later. So, if you issue your Open From Source Control commands within the same Visual Studio session, the solution files will not get deleted.

2. If you do a Get Latest from the GUI client on the solution files, they will be placed back in the working folder, and seem no worse for the wear. Note that you can't simply do a Get Latest version from the GUI client to start with, because in order to use VS.Net integration with Vault on a solution or project, you have to invoke Open From Source Control from within the GUI the first time you access it, so the binding will be set up correctly.

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